Clean Up and Unplug?

Operation Clean This Mess has begun. If I’m going to get organized, I need to start with the space where I spend most of my time. That would be my little home office.

It started as a second bedroom and for a while, I had a very lovely daybed under the window, but it belonged to my sister and when she moved into her new house, it moved with her.  The space once occupied by the daybed is now home to my elliptical. I’ve had this thing for a number of years and most often refer to it as the world’s most-expensive clothes rack. It is perfect for hanging up my coats, jackets, purses and totes.  Well, it was. I actually moved all but some scarves off of it last month so that I could actually use it for its intended purpose.

I’ve added an L-shaped desk that holds my PC, two monitors, a printer, my makeup mirror and most of my cosmetic and skin care products. It is also littered with water bottles, coffee cups, empty cigarette packs, various wrappers, magazines and a pile of bills. My desk is not exactly a stress-free workspace at the moment. I’d show you a picture, but truthfully, I’m ashamed of the state it is in currently, so you’ll just have to wait until it is clean.

I usually don’t let it get so bad. I try to take a few minutes every few days to clean it up, but over the holidays my desk became a landing spot for everything without a designated home.  With all of the family activities over Christmas and New Years, I got into the habit of running in, dropping everything, plurking and running back out.

I like everything to be organized. I think better, work better and therefore relax better when everything is put in its place. I’m usually very good about keeping my physical surroundings organized. But organizing and scheduling the intangibles has always been more difficult for me. I’m really anxious for my Filofax to get here.  I did do a little pre-planning in anticipation of its arrival today during my lunch hour. I stopped at Staples and picked up some new pens and pencils.  Sharpies, of course, because I’m an addict.

I also took the time to go through the google calendar on my phone and make note of upcoming appointments, birthdays, anniversaries and other notable events.  Speaking of my phone, I’m considering downgrading. Just considering this option at the moment.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am positively addicted to my Droid. I love it. It keeps me connected to my online friends and family, I can plurk, twitter and facebook at anytime, no matter where I am. It is my alarm clock, my calendar, my phone/address book, my GPS. Basically, my entire existence seems to be wrapped up in that six-ounce black beauty. I’m wondering now, though, am I too connected?

Don’t get me wrong, I love having all of my friends and family at my fingertips day in and day out. But, what I’m left with is absolutely zero downtime. I’m a slave to the ding, checking each email and text the moment it arrives. Skype, twitter, and plurk…always on. I’m wondering if maybe I need to unplug a little more often and be more present in my physical life. And, it’s not cheap. Downgrading to a non-smartphone would save me a bundle of cash each month. Tempting. I’m going to have to give this idea a little more thought.

Okay, before I log  off to make a dent in this mess of a desk, here’s today’s rundown:

Breakfast: Atkins Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar (18g Protein)
Lunch: Bumblebee Spicy Thai Tuna with 2 Crackers (15.4g Protein)
Dinner: 3oz Grilled Talapia with Black Bean Salsa and a couple spoons of Carrots (20.13g Protein)
Snack: Nesquick 100 Calorie Chocolate Milk Oops! Make that a piece of Low-fat String Cheese, instead. My milk was way past the expiration date! (8g Protein)
Coffee: 2 (9g Protein – Starbucks Venti Non-Fat Caffe Misto)
Water: 1 Liter and counting

Exercise: 20 minutes on the Elliptical

  1. I feel like I’m REALLY way too connected most of the time. Keeping up with plurk is almost a full time job in itself! I need to work on that too. 🙂

    • Oh Aliloo, I gave up trying to keep up with Plurk a long time ago. Now, I just silently MAAR and no one is the wiser *whistles innocently*

  2. Can you clean that mess can you come help me clean mine? O.o Giggles! We are actually working on very similar things, so I will just clean up my little bits each day alongside you. Keep going…you are on a roll. 😀

  3. OH boy, yep, I’m in major declutter mode here. I’m going through my closet and it’s going to be a very long project, ugh! Thanks for your thoughts on having a smart phone, I’m considering upgrading, but giving it lots of thought. I currently only use my phone for talking and texting, nothing else!

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