Leavin’ On A Jet Plane

Next Saturday I’m flying to Montreal for a long overdue visit with my Bestie. In the past, we’ve spent a good portion of our time together wandering in and out of food shops, nibbling on chocolatines, indulging in apple and cheese crepes at our favorite local breakfast place and snacking on ice cream and cereal at two in the morning. It is always an incredibly healthy trip.

This time, though, I’m determined to stick to my goals…within moderation. Oh sure, I’ll have to have a bite of chocolatine (it would be a sin not to), and I know my meal and workout schedule will be a bit messed up. But, I feel like if I plan well and try not to fall into a pit of lazy vacationitis, I can get through it without sacrificing too much.

First, I’m packing my running shoes and workout clothes.  There is a fitness center just a block from where I’m staying, so I’ve sent an email to ask about daily/weekly rates. Just in case I’m not able to use the center, I’m also bringing my Zumba DVDs and will force the Bestie to shake it with me!  I’ll also head out for a daily walk/jog while Bestie gets some work done. I have to admit though, I’m really hoping I hear back from the fitness center so that I can manage that walk/jog on a treadmill as opposed to the snow-covered sidewalks of the Plateau.

Second, I’ve ordered a couple of items to help me hit my protein goals and keep me from reaching for less healthy snacks in the wee hours of the morning. I picked up a three-pack of these blender bottles from Amazon:

I will probably have some pretty lengthy airport layovers (especially since my plan is to get there well in advance of my 4:00pm flight so that I can try to hop an earlier one stand-by) and it is a cruel, cruel coincidence that the gates I fly out of are surrounded by California Pizza Kitchen, Starbucks and Vosges Chocolates. I’ll pre-portion my protein powder into individual bags so that I have a just-add-water meal at my fingertips. I’ll also feel less guilty about indulging in a bit of sushi or fondue if I know I’m meeting my daily protein goals.

We usually make at least one trip to the movies while I’m there and if there is one food that tests my willpower more than any other, it is movie theater popcorn. It is also a slider food, which means that I can eat more than I should while experiencing little to no restriction. The theater we frequent also serves real butter on their popcorn (just another reason to love Canada). Luckily, the Bestie doesn’t suffer from the same popcorn addiction I do and can easily walk right past the concession stand without a second thought. I’ll stuff a bag of these little nibblies I found on Eggface’s blog in my purse to help with the must-snack-on-something-crunchy-while-watching-a-movie habit. Convenient, single-serving size, good protein content and low carb. I just hope they taste good!

For the airport, I’ll probably also pack a couple sticks of string cheese in my purse, my Kindle is loaded with lots of good books and I’ll pick up a few magazines. Now I just need to get the playlists sorted in my iPod and I’m all set… if I can just manage to limit my packing and keep from having to check a bag, that is. Easier said than done.

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