Little Victories

As I continue to get fit, I keep noticing little victories that have nothing to do with the scale or the size of pants I’m wearing.  These discoveries are starting to mean more to me than any number ever could.

Each time I work out, I can feel my back getting stronger. I find that I’m sitting up a little straighter most of the time and I don’t have the constant shoulder and lower back pain that used to make me miserable.  My legs are stronger and I have more endurance. That nagging hip and knee pain that made thirty minutes on the treadmill feel like an eternity…vanished!  I’m noticing more strength and definition in my core. I walk taller, straighter, not hunched over as though each step is a chore.

Lately, these three things – stronger back, legs and core – have given way to an even BIGGER victory. Sky-high heels! I’ve always had a thing for heels, the higher the better. My feet, not so much. In fact, they were so fond of protesting my choice in footwear that I always made sure to have a pair of flats or sensible kitten heels at the ready. As my weight has gone down, though, my tootsies have ceased their crying and today I’m tottering around on these lovely 4 1/2 inch slingbacks!

It’s the little things that make me smile.

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